Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flat Ironing At Home

Marlie has been on this I-Must-Have-Straight-Hair kick since she had her hair cut and it was blown & ironed straight by her hair stylist. In fact, Marlie has been asking daily to have her hair cut again.

As much as I want her to be happy with her naturally curly hair, I must admit it is MUCH EASIER to deal with. Her hair is silky & easy to comb through WITH A BRUSH!

So last night when Marlie had a bath, she asked me to take her newly washed & wet hair and make it beautiful again. *sigh*

I of course had to purchase items prior to be able to do this.

I got the flat iron the hair stylist recommended.

And I went to Sally's and explained to the lady that I needed a hair dryer for the purpose of blowing straight my daughter's hair... oh and she's from Africa. She recommended this hair dryer, that I'm pretty sure was used on Solid Gold.

And... I also picked up this oil/serum from the hair stylist when we were there since she used it on Marlie's hair.

That stuff is freakin' expensive! But it's my new favorite product. I love love love what it does on Marlie's hair and I even use a tiny bit of it on the ends of my hair. Plus it smells just like cotton candy. I mean, come on! Cotton Candy!!!

You ready for the result?

Marlie loves it. And I'm pretty proud of myself being able to actually accomplish it on my first try. Whew knew?!

Update: I have since learned how to get the ends to lay more nicely after flat ironing. First of all... the blow drying step is ESSENTIAL in how the hair will turn out after flat ironing. If you skip that step, the results will not be the same. (I know it makes the hair super frizzy when you blow dry it, but it will be much more straight and silky after the flat iron than without the blow dryer)

When flat ironing, you start from the scalp and work your way slowly to the ends. (not leaving the heat too long on the ends) I find if I start to curl the flat iron slightly under, as I'm reaching the ends, they come out slightly curled under and looking nicer, like this...


Anonymous said...

Hello. I just came across your blog!
Even though it is easier to manage flat-ironed, straight hair ..you have to be careful about how much heat you put on Afro-textured hair.
I am african american and I rarely straighten my hair. Instead I wrap it( my hair is relaxed) the night before.
Much Love

Gingersnaps said...

Hi, and thank you for leaving your comment. I really appreciate it, and I try to be cautious of not flat-ironing her hair too often. In fact we usually end up going 3-4 weeks between flat ironing and most of the time her hair is in a state of semi wavy hair. Also, if I touch up her hair in between, I don't flat iron the ends, leaving them in curls because I don't want to damage her hair. So far it still looks healthy. I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment!

Me said...

Just found your blog and am so excited to read the whole thing :)
My daughter is adopted from Haiti and I love learning new things about her hair. Can you tell me what brand name the hair dryer and flat iron are? My daughter would love to have straight hair on special occassions but I've been too afraid to attempt it since I'm not sure what products to use. Thanks so much!