Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hair Tools

These are the tools that I use on my daughter.

This is the comb I use every day. I use it (the wide comb side) for daily brushings. Before I brush, I always make sure I add some sort of conditioning product first, so I'm not combing into completely dry hair. If I've recently flat-ironed my daughter's hair, I add the heat serum first before combing through her hair. This can be found at any Beauty Supply Store. I usually go to Sally's Beauty Supply Store for my products. The pick side on the end is useful when you are going natural style and want to fluff the hair out.

Rattail Comb: This tool is essential for forming parts for hairstyles. The metal part will give you more accurate parts. However if you have a younger child, or one that won't stand still, it is best to use the one below.

This rattail comb will help you form parts. They won't be as clean as the one with the metal tip, but won't accidentally injure your wiggly baby or child.

This is my own personal brush I use on my hair. I never ever use it on my daughter's hair, unless I've flattened her hair and it's silky and pin straight. However, once I have straightened her hair, it makes a great finishing tool on her hair.

When putting my daughter's hair into sections for braids, special parts, etc. these are the ONLY elastic bands I will use. I find them to be higher quality than the ones I've tried from different stores/companies. Always, always cut them out of the hair when you are ready to take them out. They are only available at Sally's Beauty Supply (which you can buy online if you don't have one nearby) and are available in black, clear and assorted colors.

This is my "Solid Gold" (not really) hair dryer that I use when I'm going to straighten my daughter's hair. I always feel like Marilyn McCoo is going to start singing when I use it. I use it with the pick attachment and slowly blow out sections of my daughter's hair from scalp to end in preparation for the flat iron. This is available at Sally's Beauty Supply, but can probably be found elsewhere on the internet as well.

This is my flat iron. I'm absolutely in love with it. It's not the cheapest one, but it's the one my daughter's African American hairstylist recommended. It's extra wide, so I can flat iron more hair at a time. I got mine at my salon, but if you google it, you can find it online and search for the best price. It's called "Izunami Wide Styler". If you choose to go with another flat iron, choose one with ceramic plates.

Sources: Sally's Beauty Supply
Claire's (located at most malls) is where I get all the fun hair accessories to dress up my daughter's hairstyles.


Anonymous said...

When you flat iron your daughter's hair, how big do you section the hair, and how many times do you go over each section with the flat iron? I saw your daughter's straight hair on your personal blog and tried to do the same style on my daughter but my girl's hair got all poufy, puffy? after about an hour. It probably didn't help that it was very humid day. What am I doing wrong? How do you get the style to last?

Gingersnaps said...

Ha, you left a comment before I was even finished building the site. :) I go over all the hair once. Using a 2 inch section of hair each time, which my wider flat iron allows. After it's done, I look and see if there are any sections that need a second run-through. And that's it. I live in a very dry climate (Los Angeles), so humidity absolutely will have a lot to do with how well it holds up. My daughter's hair is pin straight usually only the day I flat iron it. It gets poofy the following day and sometimes I do a little touch-up with the flat-iron.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, my daughter wants to have straight her like all her friends(it's hard to be curly girl in a predominately straight haired world).
BTW your daughter is a dead ringer for my neice Meliekt :).