Tuesday, October 19, 2010


One of my friends posted a link to a blog on Facebook and I've been hooked on that site ever since. It's called Beads, Braids, & Beyond and is authored by a mom of two biracial children who is a whiz with hair. Her site is a great resource and has inspired me to try new things.

From looking at her blog, I've found many styles I want to try out on Marlie. I loved how she made a heart shaped design on her daughter's hair so I decided to try a variation of that on Marlie.

It was fairly simple. I just used a rat tail comb to make the heart shape part by just drawing a heart shape with the comb in the back. The front part of her head I split down the middle and put into two pigtails that I braided. The back "heart" part I french braided. Simple, but a fun, new design for me. And I think the look on Marlie's face shows she was pretty happy with the new design as well.


ChristineMarie_ said...

Oh, you have time for this blog, but not your snaps?! LOL! Kidding!

That girl is so cute I just wanna pinch her cheeks.

Gingersnaps said...

LOL ChristineMarie! It's BECAUSE I'm on hiatus at Gingersnaps that I have the time to blog here. *wink*

Gramma 2 Many said...

I have a Caucasian friend who is married to an African. Their daughters hair is so dry and brittle, I am thinking I might buy her some of these products. Just do not want to offend my friend. I just do not think she has any idea it can be this pretty. He does not even think in these terms. In Africa, they would have just shaved her hair.
Thanks for all of the info.
That has to be one of the very cutest little girls I have ever seen:)

Beads, Braids & Beyond said...

Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog! I sure do appreciate it. Marlie is a DOLL and it looks like you're doing a really good job on her hair. I love how you recreated this style. I will have to try it sometime! :)